Here are my thoughts on how the following poses can help you release low feelings and restore your belief in yourself and the world around you.

Childs pose involves letting go of the weight of the head which can allow negativity to release. Just focus on letting your head get heavier and heavier.

Forward bends allow the body and mind to quieten and internalise, which can be good for anxiety and mild feelings. If you were to be feeling very low or very angry this pose may intesify your feelings so go gently.

Legs up the wall is a lovely releasing pose where the mind/body can recuperate and re-energise gently. It just feels so good@!

Cat pose can be helpful if done gently, no striving, no pushing, just allowing the body and spine to gently move. This will bring better circulation to the spine and all the nerves, and in turn will bring a new harmony to the whole body.

Backbends envigorate and energise. When feeling low they can gently allow you to shed the weight of feeling down and allow you to open up to the world around us. I would apply the same caution as to cat pose – it must be gentle, relaxed. If you are feeling low and push your body into a backbend, that slightly tightens your breathing, your body is likely to recoil afterwards and feel worse, not better. Focus on gently allowing your body to open and really tune in to what your body is trying to tell you.

Headstands are great for helping us see a new perspective and acting as a tonic to the whole system. You can do safe inversions with the aid of sofas/cushions if balancing upside down is not to your taste. Not only will this give your intevertebral disks a rest it will also let your mind stuff settle.