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 class timetable

Tuesday 6.30-7.25pm Pregnancy Yoga Inverkeithing
Tuesday 7.30-8.25pm General Yoga Invkeithing
Wednesday 7.30-7.25pm General Yoga At Home

workshop timetable

      • Sat 17th February: postantal yoga & baby moon
      • Sat 16th March colour yoga
      • Sat 20th April: partner yoga
      • Sat 25th May: dying into life yoga
      • Sat 15th June: birth workshop
      • Each workshop is £60 per day, £120 for couples

class dates & prices

  • 14 Aug – 6 Oct 2023  8 weeks  Inverkeithing £60-Home £45
  • 23 Oct – 20 Dec 2023  9 weeks Inverkeithing £70-Home £50
  • 8 Jan – 28 Mar 2024  12 weeks  Inverkeithing £90-Home £65
  • 15 Apr – 4 July 2024  11 weeks  Inverkeithing £85-Home £60 No classes for one week of the above, so although the time period spans 12 weeks, you will pay for an 11 week term

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general yoga

General yoga classes are mixed ability hatha yoga classes, with a focus on the whole body, the whole person. Both the emotions and the physical body are brought into better balance. Through this life can become easier, more effortless and lighter.

pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga classes offer healthy pregnancy exercise, and preparation for labour & birth. This involves gentle stretches, yoga poses, specialised ‘birth-day breathing’ & relaxation.

Birth preparation workshops help couples prepare together for birth.

postnatal & baby

Postnatal & baby yoga classes focus on bringing your body back together and targeting abdominals. They also offer gentle fun yoga poses for your baby.


Yoga events & workshops give you the chance to focus in more detail- from colour days, partner days to death awareness days and life coaching. Dive in to find out more.


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