Deepen your yoga and your experience of life with these enriching and focused day workshsops…

  • All day workshops include specialised yoga, breathing and relaxation, along with activities to deepen your connection to your body and life force.
  • Susannah is a registered death doula, postnatal yoga and baby massage instructor, a certifided birth prearation provider and has  M/Des in colour and the senes.
  • £60 per day, per person, including lunch. Saturdays 10-4pm, Kinross area.

Postnatal Yoga & Baby Moon Day Postnatal yoga, baby massage, baby yoga and baby footprints to nurture and celebrate your bond with your baby, and with yoruself as a mother.

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Colour Yoga Day The power of colour, blended with yoga to find your colours physically and spiritually. This includes mood board and aura work.

Partner Yoga: Deepening your Connection Yoga, massage and connection techniques to create deeper bonds and support for both intimate couples and platonic friends

Dying into Life Death Yoga Day Yoga, Legancy work & Planning your send off / funeral. Supported by grounding yoga, breathwork and meditation to balance depth with joy and inspiration to life fully now.

Birth Workshop for Couples Yoga, Breathwork, Birth planning, The mechanics of birth and specialised Birth massage to support you and your birth partner in your journey to and through birth.

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