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Stretch out tight muscles and feel healthier to enjoy daily life to the full.


Learn how to release tension to leave you calmer and more content.

& Centered

Bring your body and mind into better balance so you can flourish.

general yoga

Yoga works with the whole body, the whole person. Both the emotions and the physical body are brought into better balance.

Through better balance life can become easier, more effortless and lighter. We can learn to move with the flow of life and let go of the unnecessary. We work with the whole body and look for grounding and lightness.

each class includes

  • ‘hatha yoga’, which means physical movements and poses called asanas, breath awareness and relaxation
  • A full range of movements
  • Some dynamic poses for flow and ability to change
  • Some static poses for strength and grounding

yoga can help

  • Release tension and aid sleep
  • Stimulate inner organs and immune system
  • Bring balance and alignment to the body
  • Help the body and mind work more efficiently
  • Classes are for mixed abilities, and poses will be modified to your needs



Susannah has completed a 2 year specialised training with The Inner Yoga Trust. This is recognised by The British Wheel, who she has also trained with. Her special interest is restoring wellbeing to the body through fascial release.

yoga on youtube 

I have a regular featured in OM magazine called ‘Spot the Difference’. Here is a link to a youtube video Ive made that is based on it. It will help you understand the alignment we’re looking for whilst practising yoga. Can spot the difference between the poses? 

I feel like I've had a full body massage, only better!

I enjoy it very much and it is one place where I have learned (am learning) to do what is right for me at the time. I guess I enjoy the relaxation most, but that wouldn’t be the same without all the work before hand. Overall what is important is the sense of well being I feel at the end of a class. After class I feel great, like I have had a full body massage only better. I feel I benefit from maintaining a sense of perspective in life, having that time for me and the camaraderie. S.B.

a new lease of life

Strengthening my body with stretching and having a bit of space to myself for relaxation is an important part of class. I wasn’t sure when I started coming to the general yoga how much I would like it, once I came to general though I could definitely feel it working. I always feel very energetic after class. Like I have a new lease of life. I don’t have that much time to exercise but yoga gives me a great feeling of wellbeing.

my back got better

I felt so much better after. My back got better and I had a decent sleep. I am now extremely motivated.

excellent classes

Many thanks for your excellent classes

relaxing and calming

The most important aspect of the class is being able to stretch-out the different parts of the body which normally I wouldn’t be aware of, it is relaxing and calming, helping you to become aware of your posture and breathing. I always feel calm and relaxed after the class, feeling that I’ve achieved a better understanding of what my body is capable of, or not, and as I want to keep improving and trying to keep supple I need to attend the classes. 

I enjoying stretching out and forgetting everything else

It’s not like any activity I’ve tried before even though I’ve been into sports most of my life. I cycle a lot and the yoga really helps stretch out my legs and feet which can get a bit tight. I spend my working days slumped over a computer screen and am slightly anxious by nature so I enjoy the feeling of stretching out my back and limbs and focusing on the yoga whilst forgetting about everything else. G.R.

improved overall fitness and wellbeing

I am now more aware of my posture and overall general fitness, I also find my recovery time after work or playing golf is a lot quicker. Regular classes have improved my overall fitness and well being, I definitely notice a change after a break from yoga. I enjoy the very calm, happy and relaxed atmosphere.

warm, stretched and mentally wound back a bit

I find it’s a really good combination of physical and mental exercise and its a lot more tiring (in a good way) than I thought it would be. I’ve not been very good at living in the moment and the yoga helps with that. After class I feel warm and stretched and mentally wound back a bit! I think its a great benefit to me both mentally and physically.

non-intimidating and welcoming... this class challenges us but always meets us where we are

I love the non-intimidating, welcoming atmosphere of the class. I’ve tried many classes before but never stuck around as it was either too hectic, competitive and or airy fairy for me. I like how this class challenges us but always meets us where we are. The poses bring a lot of relief and now that I’ve incorporated some of them them at home it’s helping me manage the pain a lot better.

relaxed, balanced and more full of energy

The main benefit of coming to class is having a whole hour of time to dedicate to looking after myself, with two kids and a hectic workload this is not easily found. Coming to class also helps to remind me about posture during the rest of the week. I want to keep up my classes to work on balancing out my body especially my tight shoulder and to counter the stresses of daily life by keeping grounded. After class I feel more relaxed and balanced and more full of energy, and look forward to coming each week.

I love trying new poses and having something to aspire to

I like when you throw in a new or unusual or more challenging poses and even when I am nowhere near being able to do it, I love trying something new and having something to aspire to someday! I have an ambition to be one of those bendy old ladies still going to yoga right til the very end of my days.

mellow, reflective and totally re-energised

Your voice is so soothing and calm, and I’ve finally learned how to quiet my mind to really switch off and float away. I always feel so mellow afterwards and the troubles of the day have been put into perspective. After class I feel mellow and reflective, but by the time I get home I feel totally re-energised!

 Yoga & health Issues / contraindications

There are many issues that can affect your yoga practice. please check the common health issues and contraindications to guide you in your yoga practice.



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