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Lead Tutor

Leading the Glasgow Yoga Scotland Yoga Teacher Training Course allows me to delve deeper into anatomy, philosophy and yoga and share my passion with others. Here is more information about the course and my role along with some of my favourite photos and videos.

Wellbeing Writer

Here are links to some of my favourite work with Twinkl, it spans from yoga to bereavement and empathy.

Pulbished Author

My visual guide to yoga for pregnancy and birth, integrates yoga, breathing techniques and active birth positions and is for sale on Amazon.

Grandaughter to one of the World’s Oldest Yoga Teachers

My Grandma: Connie Dennison! My interest in yoga started with my grandmother, Connie Dennison, she has been teaching yoga since the 1950s and taught into her 100th year. She was the worlds oldest yoga teacher for some years, still running regular classes and expounding the benefits of yoga on national TV. Read more


I am lucky to have learnt from some of the most inspiring and respected yoga, and pregnancy yoga teachers.

British Wheel Foundation Course, 9 month training, 2003 bwy.org.uk

Yogabirth Yoga Teacher, 2 year training, 2005-2007 yogabirth.org.uk

Inner Yoga Teacher, 2 year training, 2007-2009 inneryoga.org.uk

Postnatal Yoga Module, 2010 yogabirth.org.uk
Birth Preparation Module, 2009 yogabirth.org.uk
Certified Baby Massage Instructor, 2008 Association of Infant Massage
British Wheel of Yoga Member & Teacher, 2003 bwy.org.uk
Yoga Scotland Member, www.yogascotland.org.uk
B.A.(Hons) Grays School of Art

M/Des Edinburgh College of Art

continued professional development

Angela Farmer & Victor Van Kooten Yoga Retreat 2019

YogaBirth Study Weekend with Monica Voss & Aude Herail Jager 2019

YogaBirth Study Day with Christine Borg & TRE with Pam Martin 2019

YogaBirth Study Weekend with Birth Trauma and Alexandra Heath 2018

NVC Foundation with Liz Kingsnorth 2017
YogaBirth Study Weekend 2017
YogaBirth Study Day 2017
Feldenkrais Yoga Workshop 2016
Leslie Kaminoff Weekend 2016
First Aid at Work, April 2016
Yoga Dance Workshop with Charan Pradhan 2015
Active Yoga: Primary with Jessica Thomson 2015
Looking at the Chakras with Jenny Beeken 2015
Anatomy & Physiology: Psoas Muscle, June 2014
Yoga retreat, April 2014
Yoga Scotland Day with Swami Krishnapremananda & Hayley Price 2013
YogaBirth Study Weekend with Ilse Elders, Tracy Humphrey, Rosalind Garton 2013
NVC Foundation Course with Shona Cameron 2013
First Aid Training, Dunfermline High School 2013
Yoga for Depression, Swami Satyaprakash 2012
YogaBirth Study Weekend with Ilse Elders 2012
Anatomy & Physiology, Simon Barkworth 2012
Adjusting Students with Confidence, Paul Fox 2011
YogaBirth Study Weekend with John Stirk, 2011
YogaBirth Study Weekend with Soaphy Hoare 2010
1-1 with Pauline Sawyer 2010
Remedial Yoga with Pauline Sawyer & Jenny Beeken 2010
YogaBirth Study Weekend 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 (updates: obstertic/midwifery & prenatal yoga)
Teaching Yoga to Children with Melanie Cook, 2009
Keeping Children Safe In Sport NSPCC
First Aid Certificate

My Story

I have been doing yoga for 30 years, yoga sustains and enlivens me. My grandmother, Connie Dennison taught yoga when I was a child so yoga was never exotic or unusual to me. I started becoming more interested in art college (1980s) when I drew and practiced yoga to understand the workings of the body. I was fascinated by how you can see pleasure, and pain, in the posture of a body.

I started my training with the British Wheel Foudantion during my second pregnancy and then started the indepth pregnancy yoga training with YogaBirth. Run by exceptional women with an incredible depth of knowledge, and being able to take my baby with me made it all possible. As my children and classes grew I found Inner Yoga and did my general yoga training with them. I believe yoga is a gift and I also believe it needs to be regulated, so I chose a course that gave BWY accreditation as well as being based on the internal body and experiences.

Whilst my training has been pivotal in my development as a teacher, my life experiences and personal practice are what has taught me most. In 2007 both children were in life threatening accidents along with our whole family experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. I was rendered unconscious by this and suffered with numerous physical ailments. My physical body was battered and my emotional balance was in tatters. It was yoga that brought me back, slowly and steadily, to health in body and mind.

I am passionate about yoga, I know it works for me and through the past 15 years I have seen it transform those I have taught. It is lovely to see suffering reduce and people come back to their shine, and to see people I have taught grow and then start their own yoga training. I love to bring the vitality, calm and transformation of yoga to others. Yoga is an integral part of my life – and a part I love to share.


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