Yoga & Breathing for Pregnancy & Birth

This is a visual guide to yoga for pregnancy and birth, using the book should feel like doing yoga: relaxed, enjoyable and enlivening.Integrating yoga, breathing techniques and active birth positions can prepare the body and mind for birth. With practise you will be able to calm and energise your being so you are well-prepared to birth your baby. Bring your baby into the world consciously. This book is written with YogaBirth. This is the association of professionally trained teachers of pregnancy yoga and childbirth education. Their unique formula has been developed over 30 years. YogaBirth brings commitment, community and experience to the world of yoga and pregnancy. Practise, breathe, relax & enjoy. So you are well-prepared for the birthing of your baby.

Written and illustrated by yoga teacher and graphic designer, Susannah Dean Ramponi, in association with YogaBirth, an international association of professional yoga and childbirth educators, the book helps prepare women in body and mind for the birth of their baby.


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Keep calm, enjoy pregnancy and prepare for birth with yoga

Yoga & Breathing for Pregnancy & Birth’ is an enticing visual guide to specialised yoga and breathing practices for the mum to be.

Yoga is one of the safest, most beneficial forms of exercise a woman can enjoy during pregnancy. The practices described in Yoga & Breathing for Pregnancy & Birth are specifically designed and adapted for the 2nd and 3rd trimester to help alleviate many common pregnancy ailments, from backache to anxiety. Simple watch points highlight modifications and poses for labour.

The section on optimal fetal positioning helps women understand how they can use their body to help their baby into a good position to be born. Active birth positions along with traditional yoga poses are featured throughout the book, along with the ‘yoga stages of labour’.

Powerful breathing techniques such as Dandelion Breathing and Birth-Day Breathing help bring a sense of calm, focus and trust to labour. Women who learn these techniques, and the midwives who support them, recognise their value. Learning about pregnancy and birth from a yoga perspective empowers women with the knowledge of just how important their body and their breathing can be for pregnancy, labour and birth.

Lovingly crafted. This will serve as the perfect introduction to YogaBirth

Judy Cameron: Midwife – Antenatal Education Co-ordinator & Yogabirth Course Director

a wonderful way to create health and peace of mind

A beautiful book: the yoga and breathing are made accessible with simple directions and illustrations. This is a wonderful way to create health and peace of mind throughout pregnancy, and to prepare for labour and birthing.
Jill Benjoya Miller: Active Birth & YogaBirth Teacher

It made a HUGE HUGE difference – the breathing works wonders!

Leeza Minns: mum to be

reading this book feels almost like doing yoga

Enhancing your pregnancy and birth with yoga and breathing has just got easier. This accessible book, with over 200 flowing and elegant illustrations, makes reading this beautiful book feel almost like doing yoga.


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