Salicylic Acid Scrub Soap

This is a lovely soap Im using at the moment. This is a nicely packaged, healthy soap. The exfoliating grit is just the right amount for me and I like to use it on my legs particularly. I like it’s low toxic qualities, it’s gentle enough to use all over and yet strong enough to clean well. A perfect healthy soap to keep your skin in good condition. Its on deal at the moment too!

Lions Mane Mushroom Supplement

First of all I love the packaging. Lion’s mane has some pretty impressive potential benefits and increasing research behind it. There are no known side effects, but benefits range from increased cognitive functioning and digestive functioning to decreasing anxiety – what’s not to like? A friend suggested I taste the contents of the caplet to see the quality – it tastes great – like slightly savory cinnamon sugar, really lovely. All in all, I really like this product and will keep taking it in times of stress….  I feel it is definitely of benefit.