What is the ideal pose? How does it look & feel? And is it the same for everyone?





The directions towards are good dog pose are fairly easy…..

  • Heels track straight back
  • Knees are in line with feet
  • Hands are straight forwards
  • Head is in line with spine
  • Pelvis is lengthened
  • There is space at front of her body
  • Elbows are rolling back


Finding the emotional signs for an ideal pose are more difficult. Some of the following keys might work for you

  • Quiet alert
  • Breathing easily & smoothly
  • Face feels smooth, unlined, and relaxed
  • It feels GOOD!

Your mental clarity and how you feel is far more important than how it looks on the outside. Your ideal pose might look nothing like the above one – and that’s OK. In fact its more than OK, it’ s great! We’re all different and we can celebrate that with our different dogs!