Never has the time been more important to strengthen our immune systems. Often yoga is done with a ‘get fit, lose weight, workout’ sort of attitude. Normally this is great. Just now, with Coronavirus cases rising on a daily basis, our first priority should all be to focus on our immune systems first of all. 

Overall this means gentler yoga. If you are used to 10 rounds of salute to the sun at a speedy pace in the morning soften off to a slower more languid pace. If you are doing ten minutes a day and it’s all quite new, go easy, chill a bit with it. 

Your breath is your guide. Aim for your breathing to feel very easy and very full at all times, and adapt poses so you can achieve this breathing style. 

 Imagine your breathing moving in and out like waves on the edge of the beach. The breath comes in, the breath goes out. It feels rhythmical and easy. Look for your breath moving low into your body. Often you will feel your belly expand forwards or spread to the sides as you breath in. 

By breathing consciously we can expand our lung capacity. This along with exercising and

When you breath really really well you will feel fantastic, it’s inevitable! You will feel energised, very peaceful, quietly alert and it brings with it the most wonderful feeling of wellbeing. Try to breath like this often, it is your most important yoga practice, especially now. 

Here are 2 videos about yoga to support your immune functioning.