Sciatica is never fun, and is especially prevalent in pregnancy when the change in posture, weight of the baby, changes in the pelvis doe tot he hormones and then position of the baby all play into an increased tendency to sciatica.

Sciatica typically involves a pain, weakness or numbness down one or both legs. The NHS have an excellent description of sciatica and basic advice. Sometimes it is described as if you could draw a line of where the pain goes. Its easy to say ‘oh its just how your baby is lying’ or ‘its just nerve pain’ but if you are suffering form it, you can find it very debilitating, and this in turn can affect your mood.

The below yoga video shows a short sequence of yoga poses that are helpful in making space at the back of the pelvis that helps to alleviate pain and the trapping of nerves. There are more poses than just this, however a memeber of this class was wanting to practice more often than twice a week as yoga was proving effective in alleviating symptms and pain. Primarily this video is for E, however I thought it best to do the video so tohers could benefit form it as well. 

There are other poses that are highly beneficial but less helpful during pregnancy. When pregnnat be mindful of good advice that doesn not take in to consideration that you are pregnant. 

Any yoga practice is best with a yoga teacher, particularly in pregnancy where there can be other complications. Please check out with your teacher if this is suitable for you, but at least it will give you some ideas of what can be really helpful to make life a bit easier and more comfortable to those with sciatica.

If your sciatca is severe or if yoga is not shifting it Id recommend going to see an experienced and refinedosteopath (David Lasnet or Adam Harker in the Edinburgh area) as they can rebalance the pelvis to alleviate symptoms. 

Video coming – just waiting for approval from those in it x