Yoga is great for the body and soul, and the difficulty many of us find is fitting it into daily life. Doing a class or two a week is great and will really improve your energy levels and flexibility. Doing yoga every day might bring great health benefits… but how to fit it in?

I recommend doing yoga wherever you are, whether you’re on a bus or standing inline. The first thing to do is work out what you can do and where, without feeling very out of place or like a piece of performance art!

Some guidelines:

Beaches are great for lying poses, busy places lend themselves to working with the breathing, mind or ‘invisible’ practices and wide open spaces are just great for allowing your body to really move.

Here are some suggestions you can try around Fife:

  • Tree of life at Dunfermline Glen (see above)
  • Triangle (Trikonasana) pose on Tentsmuir beach
  • Abdominal breathing on the bus to Dunfermline
  • Pelvic floor exercises whilst standing in line in Tescos
  • Corpse pose on Elie beach
  • Tadasana on Falkland hill
  • Forward bend at North Queensferry Point
  • Walking meditation at Dalgety Bay Harbour
  • Foot-rolling-walking whilst walking round Loch Leven, Kinross

I hope you find lots of creative ways to bring your yoga to life in small and easy ways. Do tell me any successes and I can add them in. Keep moving, keep breathing and feel great!