imgresYour breath is probably the most useful thing you have to guide you in your practise. It will tell you to push further and when to hold back, It will tell you when you’ve got a pose just right and when to leave a pose out.
Your breathing should move freely during your whole yoga practise. If you find yourself holding your breath it will do you no harm, but it is an indication that you are trying too hard. If you find yourself holding your breath, find some support, make the pose easier and remind yourself to enjoy what you’re doing! If your breathing stutters or becomes high it also means it’s time to back off and take it easier. When we keep pushing beyond what is healthy we may be doing good cardio vascular exercise or building determination, but we wont be doing yoga anymore.
When you are doing a pose and your breathing feels flat, dull or lifeless this is a message to expand your body and your boundaries. If you find you can’t feel your body moving as you breathe then its time to take a deeper challenge.
Yoga is ultimately about finding harmony between body and mind. It is finding your bliss, your peace and your steadiness as well as finding your wings. Be prepared to challenge yourself, to rest and to BE in the moment.