Freebie Yoga Tracker >>>

Start 2021 with a motivational yoga tracker. Colour code to show the difference between a morning stretch or a full class, or simply highlight the days when you’ve done any yoga at all. Feel free to share it with your friends.

So I’ve got the funny feeling this year is going to be challenging, and thankfully every challenge has a silver lining.

For every thing we cannot do there is another thing that becomes available. I missed going out, but have loved being quieter and in the garden.

When we can’t meet friends in doors we meet outdoors. When we can’t meet outdoors we call, facetime and send cards. There are the benefits from time slowing up.

Yoga benefits immeasurablyfor having space and time.

Keping clear and motivated is important. Sometimes a good quote on a post it is enough, or your three aspirational words. Live online classes help, as does personal practice. You can use a yoga journal (£5.50 online) keep it in your diary or use the free Yoga Tracker (download above) so that you can chart your progress through the year.

Setting a time of day to practice and having a clear area means that yoga time is easier than if you have to put away the clothes, move the cat basket and move the pile of books.

In terms of looking after muscles that are active, Muslces need time to release, and some muscles release more easily than others. Stretching off muscles that are tight from use is easier than stretching off muscles that are holding emotions.

When the body is tense it takes time to feel safe and relax again. It’s a great idea that we can stretch hard for 30 monutes and come out relaxed, but in my expereince it just doesnt happen. Tension takes some care and time, to start to soften and melt. I think of it a bit like an unfolding. Like petals of a flower. We move towards a yoga pose, giving the body time to have many moments of aliveness. To open and expand.

Wishing you roots and wings for 2021