Sometimes yoga can feel like it is too stationary, too intimidating to begin, and can lead you to become very rigid in thinking. Have you every found yourself obsessing about the following whilst practising at home?

  • ‘where is my arm?’
  • ‘how does my shoulder feel?’
  • ‘can I lift up a bit more?’
  • ‘how is my alignment’
  • ‘is my right hip opening?’
  • ‘how is my breathing?’
These can be useful directions, that guide and deepen your practice. However sometimes you may find your head getting tied into knots. When this happens you need a healthy dose of self empathy and fun. Making your yoga into a dance, putting on some music or just making some enjoyable shapes with your body may be enough to unblock the stagnant energy that is leading you to be overly self conscious.

If you try that you still find yourself stuck in’right or wrong?’ Try watching this lovely video – it is a blend of dance, gymnastics and yoga. Can you see a forward bend and bow pose in the photo?

Above all yoga is about enjoying being in your body,  increasing health and harmony… and celebrating life: enjoy!