Is health something we’re born with like resilient genes, strong digestion, well formed bones? …or it is something we create?

We all have certain weakness and strengths, be they genetic, environmental or learnt. Your genes may predispose you towards heart disease, your environment may have given you leaded water, or you may learn unhelpful body posture from your parents. Obviously to some extent both are true. When we look at a new born baby  it is easier to see what they have been born with. What when we look at the 50 year old?

According to Sir Harry Burns, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland ‘Health is not something we’re born with, but something we have to create’.

This sits perfectly with physical yoga and yoga philosophy. When we do good yoga we strengthen our entire system: muscles, bones, nerves, brain, lungs, feelings and more. Whilst this philosophy puts a lot of responsibility on our own door step it is also freeing.

‘We need appropriate conditions to allow us to create a sense of well-being and health. And if those necessary conditions aren’t there… it becomes hard to create either physical or mental health’

What can you do to create your health in 2013?

  • Do you need to do more yoga, walk outdoors or dance with abandon? Get creative… What is it you need for your physical body?
  • Do you need to experience more peace of mind, more work satisfaction or more childlike joy? Think outside the box… What is it you need for your emotional health?
  • Do you need more meaning in your life, more deep connection with the world or a sense of wonder? Challenge yourself… What is it you need for your spiritual health?
  • Do you need to ask for help from a counselor, acupuncturist or a friend? Trust… What is it you are needing from your relationships with others?

Creating health is an exciting task, and can cover all areas of your life. Imagine your life after 5 years of creating health – what does it look like? how does it feel? what changes have you made? Make it real in your mind so it can become a clear path.

And when you’re done why not venture a little further and think of the needs around you – we are all interconnected. When we love and help those around us, when we come from a balanced place, we can create a better world together. What could be better for starting 2013


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