Get your feet on the ground

Place your feet on the ground, now imagine your toes are softly lengthened along teh floor as the body of your foot gets really strong. You can imagine the torso of your foot is getting a bit shorter as you draw the balls of your feet towards your heels. You can get the same effect more gently by just lifting your toes. See how your arch lifts.

Lift your diaphragm

Leave your shoulders relaxed and try to lift your diaphragm further away from the floor. You can place your hand on the soft area just below where your ribs meet to remind you. Lift upwards from here so your torso lengthens.

Release your shoulders

This direction sounds so simple, but can be tricky. Imagine you are squeezing your upper arms down lower towards the floor – this will stretch your shoulders downwards. You may feel a stretch around your shoulders and neck, remember to go gently and firmly to help your muscles release.

Soften your ribs

Can you keep all that work you’ve done and now feel that the front of your ribs can soften back towards your spine without loosing any length in the body or upper chest. You will feel your abdominals working to do this if the movement is not natural for you. So you get 2 benefits in one!


The most important off all. When your breathing is comfortable and full you are energising and cleansing your body with each breath. Find a way to do you that allows your breathing to remain steady and smooth, and if it doesnt ‘go easier’. If your breathing feels a bit dull or lifeless work just a little bit harder so it perks you up.

Yoga is all about finding balance and refining harmony within your body and within your life. Enjoy your yoga: explore, play and feel with the directions above and see where it takes you

Image courtesy of ‘Chaiwat’