Well here we are in 2020. A new year and a new decade. I’m thinking of 2020 as the year to focus, focus, focus on what is most important. Here are some ideas on how to embrace a year synonymous with perfect vision.
Warrior 2: past, present & future

Warrior 2, Virabhandasana 2 comes to mind. That steady gaze down the middle finger into the future makes it perfect for starting 2020. I also love it for it’s connection to the past, the present, and the future. Here are 3 versions – centered in the past, present and future.

Back in the Past

Do you see the center line of my torso lies back over towards my back foot? Head juts forward to counterbalance the central slide back. Do you see the weight heavy in my back leg and font knee not over the ankle joint? This pose shows a hanging back in the past, unable to move forwards. 


This pose is better balanced as a place to stay. Legs working equally, front knee steady. Back of the body soft, chest open…. but my arms give away a veering into the future! My front arm reaches out, my back arm connected, but not yet balanced. Don’t worry, yoga teachers aren’t perfect!


Overconfident in the Future

Do you see my front knee overshoot? My chest pressing forwards, head angled back? Front arms very high. This pose is tight, the bit you can’t see is how much I’m pushing into the back of my waist. This is ‘get me to the future now’ I really dont want to stay present.

Focus, focus, focus on 2020

Choose one thing, one specific thing you want to focus on. Whether its play the clarinet in public with joy, or whether it’s spread love and peace at every chance, or whether it’s organise your wardrobe. Don’t have 2 or 3, just one. I laugh when I look back at old resolutions, organise my wardrobe is on every year – its pointless, it’s a life style, not a resolution for me. It’s something I enjoy and do regularly, even though if you looked in my cupboards you’d never know – no KonMari’d my underwear in my drawers ;  ).

  • Think of one thing you’d be happy to have in your awareness every day for 2020.
  • Type up or scribble your resolution and pin it up. In your face, every day, for a year or until you’re satisfied you’re done. Stick it in a frame it it makes it better for you, etch it into the walls it you’re interior deco rebellious.
  • Don’t stress it, don’t try to make it happen, but acknowledge it and do what feels right to you in the moment, the present.
  • If you give up part way through the year, that’s just grand. Some time we make bad plans that’s it’s just self-sabotage to go through with. Write a note to yourself about why it didn’t work, feel the joy of releasing what is not needed.
  • If you get to the end of the year and you’ve tried but not got there, that’s fine too. Make note that your probably of a character who bites of more than you can chew. Note down three things that went well. Enjoy your determination and growth mindset.
  • If you achieve it in the year, lovely. Take it down, celebrate and move on.

This year I couldn’t read the custard instructions, and missed the warning on the linseed oil. My custard was too thin for trifle and the house nearly burnt down (thankfully just a lot of smoke and barely any damage) – so I’m really valuing the importance of sight. Joking apart, I think 2020 visioning is the way forwards.

I hope your year is full of insight, peace and love.