pregnancy-yoga-Thanks for your payment.

That’s you booked into The Yoga classes.

Prior to Class

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  • Please download and complete registration form.

pregnancy yoga registration form

general yoga registration form

  • Check the list of health issues so look after yourself in class. Please also put any health issues on your registration form. 

Asthma   Back Pain    Carpal Tunnel    Ear Problems    Glaucoma    Haemorrhoids    Hamstring Injury    Heart Problems    Hernia    High Blood Pressure    Hip replacements    Insomnia    Knee Problems    Low Blood Pressure    Migraines    Operations   Periods   Pregnancy   Prolapse    Scoliosis   Shoulder Injury    Sinusitis    Varicose Veins

Coming to Class

Please bring:

  • a mat (Tesco do one for about £5) and a block or non slip thick book to use as a block
  • something warm for relaxation (blanket or jumper)
  • a drink if desired
  • bare feet or sticky yoga socks
  • completed registration form

When you arrive if you set your mat our in the circle and then come say ‘hi’ with your registration form and we can go through your individual requirements.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in class,


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