This term we will be learning Egyptian Salute to the Sun. For those of you who came last term you will notice some similarities (the start) and some differences (8 limed pose, plank, lunges and cobra).

The Background to Egyptian Yoga

Ancient Egypt is one of our oldest and perhaps most advanced civilisations. They invent many things form mathematics to metallurgy and astronomy to paper. I still remember a small golden model from the V&A in London which looked as much like a fighter jet as you could possibly imagine. Things like this and the grace in their standing poses has had me very curious about what they have to teach us.

Looking at ancient heiroglyphs you can see many similarities to ‘our’ yoga – kneeling twists, cobra, fish pose, goddess. Egyptian yoga has been studied and developed by translating the heiroglyphs of the temples, and is frequently known as Kemetic yoga. Kemet is the area where Ancient Egypt covered in North East Africa.

Visual Challenge

Look at the amazing picture below

    • Can you see the steadiness of their poses, there is a heaviness and yet also a lightness. This is strength and fleixblility?
    • Can you see the tone and alignment viisble in the front of their bodies.  and now know this relates to their spine and the balance of mucles. The balance of muslces also gives fleixility and freedom of movement?
    • Can you see the lightness in their diaphragms, which allows their spine to lengthen?
    • Can you look closely and pick up the clues as to undertsanding their physical discipline and how we can emulate this.

If you can’t see these things don’t fret, but do be curious. The next time you go to themuseum just try to emulate some of the poses of the statues and notice how it feels.

Egyptian Saliute to the Sun

You start in Tadasana (mountain pose) fold forwards then take one leg back to a low lunge. You slide your other leg black to plank and then rest back into extended child. From here you come up to cat and then dip the back of your waist down to cow. From here we come to 8 limbed pose – where you take your chest and chin to the gound. The 8 limbs are: 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 knees, your chest and your chin. From 8 limbed pose your slide into a cobra pose and then back into dog pose. From dog pose to low lunge, forward fold, back to tadasana before doing the other side.

The Benefits of Egyptian Salute to the Sun

Egyptain Salute to the Sun is fantastic for the physical body. It will improve your physical fleixibility and your strength. This version of Salute to the Sun is great for:

    • your spine, there are many forward and back ward movements to free up your spine
    • your hips, the deep lunges are really going to free this up
    • strength, both in yoru arms and core as you move in and out of 8 limbed pose

The Benefits of Egyptian Yoga for the Soul!

Is Egyptian Salute to the Sun good for how you feel? Ofcourse. Like yoga yoga Egyptian yoga simulates your parasympathetic nervous system. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system brings increased calm and ease which allows the mind and soul to heal and rejenerate. 

Want to know more?

Go visit the NMS and see for yourself

Visit Pinterest for some inspiration

Read up on Kemetic Yoga and it’s background

And most importantly? Come along to learn Egyptian yoga with me! Looking foward to seeing an array of super sphinxes this term!