pay it forwards & concessionary rates

Sometimes paying for yoga classes becomes an uneasy balance of the benefits of yoga and the challenge of paying for them. I firmly believe in balance and ensuring those who want to come can do so. If you find paying for classes difficult please get in touch and we will find a suitable and good way forwards.

Pay it forwards

Sometimes people find it hard to ask for, or to receive a concession. If this applies to you please take the favour and, in your own way, hand it onto to another when the opportunity arises. You can forget about the concession, and one day you will pass someone or something in need of help and you will naturally want to help. There’s a lovely film: Pay it forwards if you want more about this. In terms of yoga It’s that simple: pay it forwards!

When you have the opportunity you will help someone else out, and together we will share our good fortunes. This concept of community is part of yoga philosophy: we’re in this together.

Reduced Rates

If you feel you cannot meet the full cost of classes but would still like to attend this is fine too. Just email me to discuss what is comfortable for you. You might want to consider the following: 

Having money worries or feeling skint: pay 1/2 to 2/3 of fees

Feeling ok about finances or in between: normal fees

Feeling flush and not having money concerns: pay extra to help someone else

What do you owe me?

When you pay concessionary rates it is private between you and me. You owe me nothing but to come to yoga and benefit from the classes. This is firmly a part of my yoga philosophy.


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