joining a postnatal & baby yoga class


This page will give you information about joining a postnatal and baby yoga class. This Introduction has details of what to bring and how you’ll feel after class. If you have any problem with the attachments please let me know

To join a postnatal and baby yoga class please:

  1. Check out this Introduction about the benefits of yoga, what to bring and how you’ll feel.

2. Check out the common health issues below so that you know the benefits of yoga and how to make sure you are best supported.

Asthma   Back Pain    Carpal Tunnel    Ear Problems    Glaucoma    Hemorrhoids    Hamstring Injury    Heart Problems    Hernia    High Blood Pressure    Hip replacements    Insomnia    Knee Problems    Low Blood Pressure    Migraines    Operations   Periods   Pregnancy   Prolapse    Scoliosis   Shoulder Injury    Sinusitis    Varicose veins

3. Download registration form registration form and bring it completed to your first class.

5. Please also bring a mat (Tesco do one for about £5), something warm for relaxation (blanket or jumper) and a drink for after class.