Pose of the Moment: Triangle

Triangle pose is a fundamental yoga pose. It’s a classic. It works the legs, gently twists the spine and increases strength. Traditionally taught you draw your front hand forwards and then do a graceful flowing tilt. This very delightful tilt is the cause of classic yoga injuries of the sacroiliac joint. That’s not to outlaw this way of finding triangle pose, but it definitely makes exploring other ways vital. Bending the knees, starting from the floor, extending the arms after coming forwards – all of these variations help us to find ourselves within triangle pose. This variation starts from the floor.

  • Face your feet forwards
  • Take an easy breath out
  • Step forwards and bend both knees
  • Fold forwards with your knees very bent so both hands easily find the floor or a chair
  • Keep the knees very bent and enjoy the work in your legs
  • Keep your front hand on the floor and rotate your back shoulder upwards
  • Think of rotating towards vertical
  • Now allow your back elbow to lift, then wrist then fingers
  • Think of your arm naturally unfurling
  • Notice how the movement of the arm expands the movement in the torso
  • Consider lengthening your legs if the whole of your back is comfortable
  • Consider allowing your front hand to skim the floor as you open into the pose
  • Breath and enjoy the pose
  • Gently sink back to the floor
  • Shoulders face straight forwards
  • Press into the feet to come back up
  • Stand steady and breath


  • Now do the same on the other side


  • Stand and notice how it feels right now

Enjoy Triangle pose and find your edges… how many triangles can you make? And how much life can you bring to the pose?

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