The Corona Yoga Challenge

Yoga in a time of change


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From the day schools go off until the day they go back on..

what can we achieve?

how can we use the current situation to help us grow?

Cornoa Virus is going to challenge us in many ways. We are all likely to experience suffering and being less in touch with others. Anxiety, illness, shortages and lack of connection willaffect us all in some way. 

For this reason Im thinking of ways to make the best of a very challenging situaiton. This virus will also help us to refine our focus and commitments to what we hold most dear. 

I’m offering you the chance to make the best of this. Let’s do yoga, keep stretchy, get stretchier, focus on ourselves and take our strength to others. 


What’s on offer?

  • Live youtube videos via link
  • Live chat during yoga

    How does it work?

    • I lead 10 minutes of yoga a day. Subscribing will allow you to do it live althought you can retake the videos at toher times as well.
    • There will be different options for different abilities. 
    • There will be a warm up and a focus on one pose.

    When to start

    If you start mid way thorugh please work through the videos doing  2 or 3 a day until you catch up.

    Check your health issues and how to adapt

    It’s free but …

    If paying will help you to commit to the challenge please feel free to donate. I want to do this as a service and personal commitment in troubled times. So please only donate if it will actually help you. Otherwise please take your energy out into the world.

    If you need to pay, this payment is for as long as schools are off. If you need a suggestion you might want to consider this:

    • £5 – Under 18K p/a
    • £10 – Under 26K p/a
    • £20 – Under 40K p/a
    • £30 – Under 60K p/a
    • £40 – Under 100K p/a
    • £50 – Under 140K p/a
    • £1500 – Over 140K p/a wink

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    Ways Forward

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    Week 1 & Getting Started

    Day 1 Corona Yoga Challenge Quiz

    to start your challenge. Set your hopes and dreams for what you want to achieve. Be as honest and clear as you can xxx

    Week 2

    Day 8 Corona Yoga Challenge Quiz

    how has starting this challenge affected you? how are you doing now? and what are you going to commit to?

    Week 3

    Day 15 Corona Yoga Challenge Quiz

    how is doing yoga every day affecting you? what changes are you aware of? what are you doing to help yourself cope and thrive ?