general yoga

General yoga classes are mixed ability hatha yoga classes, with a focus on postural alignment and the health of the whole body.

pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga classes offer healthy pregnancy exercise, and preparation for labour & birth. This involves gentle stretches, yoga poses, specialised ‘birth-day breathing’ & relaxation.

postnatal & baby

Postnatal & baby yoga classes focus on bringing your body back together and targeting abdominals. They also offer gentle fun yoga poses for your baby.


Birth preparation workshops  help couples prepare together for birth.

Deep dive yoga workshops give you the chance to focus in more detail.

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The sound of uujayi breathing

Uujayi breathing is where the back of the throat closes a little, which restricts the out flow of...

Sciatica in pregnancy yoga sequence

Sciatica is never fun, and is especially prevalent in pregnancy when the change in posture, weight...

Does it really matter if my toes point outwards?

If I penguin walk what’s the problem if I’m happy? Firstly ofcourse you can and should stand...

Strengthen your breathing & immune functioning

Never has the time been more important to strengthen our immune systems. Often yoga is done with a...

2020 vision for 2020

Well here we are in 2020. A new year and a new decade. I'm thinking of 2020 as the year to focus,...

New videos: Yoga with an angled roof

I had so much fun in Summer, doing yoga with an angled roof. It changed the way I practiced....

Yogi Living – Salyic Acid Soap and Lions Mane Mushrooms

Salicylic Acid Scrub Soap This is a lovely soap Im using at the moment. This is a nicely packaged,...

Take the rough with the smooth

I was speaking to a friend, giving them a lovely compliment that they took the wrong way. They...

Yoga on horseback

The other week I found myself doing yoga on a horse. Yes. Me standing on a horse on a Saturday...

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