My classes offer you a method of maintaining health, increasing self-healing and rejuvenation. I welcome all to my classes regardless of faith, lack of, age, gender and ability. I offer pregnancy, birth, postnatal & baby classes. You can find out about my experience and background, as well as learning more about with  yoga articles I have written. I hope you enjoy it,

Namaste, Susannah

Strengthen your breathing & immune functioning

Never has the time been more important to strengthen our immune systems. Often yoga is done with a...

2020 vision for 2020

Well here we are in 2020. A new year and a new decade. I'm thinking of 2020 as the year to focus,...

New videos: Yoga with an angled roof

I had so much fun in Summer, doing yoga with an angled roof. It changed the way I practiced....

Yogi Living – Salyic Acid Soap and Lions Mane Mushrooms

Salicylic Acid Scrub Soap This is a lovely soap Im using at the moment. This is a nicely packaged,...

Take the rough with the smooth

I was speaking to a friend, giving them a lovely compliment that they took the wrong way. They...

Yoga on horseback

The other week I found myself doing yoga on a horse. Yes. Me standing on a horse on a Saturday...

Yoga Mats & Surf Boards

Where  For me yoga mats are like surfboards. The stretches of yoga help me surf. Surfing and yoga...

Music for universal love, peace & non-attachment

I love singing in the car, dancing and listening to music, however quite often I get irate at the...

The Rules of Yoga: Angela Farmer & Victor Van Kooten

Yoga at Dartington I have been wanting to learn yoga with Angela Farmer for 15 years. In my...


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general yoga

General yoga classes are mixed ability hatha yoga classes, with a focus on postural alignment and the health of the whole body.

pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga classes offer healthy pregnancy exercise, and preparation for labour & birth. This involves gentle stretches, yoga poses, specialised ‘birth-day breathing’ & relaxation.

birth preparation

Birth preparation workshops  help couples prepare together for birth. They  focus on practical techniques to use on the day, and will compliment other antenatal classes.

postnatal & baby

Postnatal & baby yoga classes focus on bringing your body back together and targeting abdominals. They also offer gentle fun yoga poses for your baby.