yoga for children

Yoga is ideal for helping

  • encourage confidence and calm
  • develop co-ordination
  • build strength and flexibility
  • explore fun and creativity

I am working for Twinkl and creating online resources for schools. Each story gives a well balanced yoga class that is designed for children, and ends with breathing, realxation and meditation. These are currently free so you can do yoga at home with your child. Click the image to download the resource and have some yoga fun.

Each story has a powerpoint, cards and a story script. 

Tarzan’s Lost Marshmallows

This story follows Tarzan as he searches to find who has taken his marshmallows. The pack includes a yoga story to read and prompts to follow the given yoga moves – on cards or via a PowerPoint.

The Mermaid’s Washing Machine

Tell a story set under the sea and, along with the story script and instruction cards, learn and practise yoga poses which fit into the adventure. This story will leave children feeling happier, more relaxed.

The Hare That Loved Kimonos

Hare loves kimonos, but every one else seems to think this is silly. Follow hare as he deals with other’s opinions and finally decides what to do. Enjoy some healthy mind – body exercise.

Medusa’s New Hairdo
Y1 Salute To The Sun Lesson Pack
KS1 Energising Environments Lesson Pack

yoga for schools

Yoga for school aged children can be quite energetic as young bodies become stronger and more precise.Yoga can be used to target challenge areas such as bullying, to address parts of the ‘curriculum for excellence’ for instance ‘confident individuals,’ and to support classroom projects like dinosaurs and Egyptians. Classes will include a short relaxation which may involve a creative visualisation. The below photos are from a whole school event where I taught yoga to every child in the school and nursery for wellbeing week. Needless to say it was an energetic, exciting and relaxing day! Please contact me if you would like your school to do yoga.

Classes involve yoga movements aimed at physical health, emotional expression, and of course fun. Classes are child centred in terms of activity level and focus. Yoga is great for a healthy Body and healthy mind.


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