Online Classes

Due to the coronavirus and social distancing all classes and workshops will now take place online.

So far the feedback has been very positive.

why practice online? 

  • strengthen your immune system
  • expand your breathing
  • stary stretchy
  • stay sane
  • connect with others
  • make great use of your time

you said it…

‘my floaty feeling lasts longer when I’m at home’

it’s nice to be relaxed at home’

‘I feel so much happier for seeing everyone’

‘It’s nice to know everybody’s out there’
‘It’s less daunting when others can’t see you’

‘perfect, very organised’

what is the technology required?

The sessions use Zoom. You can use Zoom from a phone, tablet or computer. 

The first time you join you will be prompted to download the zoom app, but this is a once-off. You can check Zoom out beforehand if you wish.

before you start

please check each of these links before class so you can adapt poses and get the most out of your yoga practice. This is especially important with Coronavirus as our immune functioning is mort important.


preparing for your online class

Make sure you have a nice clear space around you. Set your mat out and check you can see the screen from your mat. It is helpful to be able to move the screen for floor and standing work, but this is not vital.

Often people are bringing a candle so we start the class but lighting out candle to celebrate our connection.

what happens?

You sign up online.

I will then send you a registration form. I will also send you a meeting link for the time you’ve paid for so you just have to clock the link 5 minutes before the class starts. 

keeping in touch with your classmates

To help you stay connected and give time for chatting I have set up 2 closed facebook groups. Just click the links below to join  the groups.

General Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

paying during trying times

These are difficult times and we are all impacted differently. There is the normally term booking, it is a suggestion, and that is all it is. Please choose what feels right for you to pay using the link below. 

This is a time when we really need yoga. Please make your world, and the world of others better by paying what is right for you and celebrating that.

A guide might be how you feel about your finances:

  • It’s keeping me awake at night – 1/2 fees or less.
  • Im tighenting my belt and feeling anxious – 2/3 fees
  • I’m OK – normal fees
  • I’m feeling fine, everything is good, great or wonderful. Im secure and settled – please feel free to pay more than the termly payment if you would like. This will help those who are struggling.