connie dennison

Connie Dennsion is probably the oldest yoga teacher in the world, she is also my grandmother. This is a short interview from her.

 Yoga is good for you. I’ve  been doing 40 odd years. The benefits of yoga to me are fact that I’ve lived to this age, that I’ve been mobile until now, able to drive until now.

I started doing yoga in Australia in the 60s, when my daughters were teaching in Scotland. In the trams there were little pictures of a yoga position. Risha, the owner of the beautiful house where we lived, said she was going to keep fit, so I went to keep fit with her. Then Risha said was going to yoga, I asked if it was like the keep fit, she said ‘oh no’ – so I started to go, and I liked it, and I continued with it. The teacher was a Yugoslavian girl, very attractive, she’d had 4 children and had a lovely figure. She said her children were so stiff because they didn’t do yoga, but she wasn’t at all. We would go and she had pink blankets in the corner of the room, it was a big room, we’d take our own blankets. They would do the pose of tranquillity, twice sometimes.

They do it much slower than I do it, because I think my class prefer to do more exercises. I’m really pleased about my class because they’re really so nice, and so good. They gave me all sorts of things, plants and flowers.

We had great difficulty getting places in the day time, and also I was at the High School I had quite a big class and they put me next to the police having test crashes and blowing their horns. How can you teach yoga when there’s someone making a noise like that?

Most of the people in my classes find yoga really good for them. Some people have been coming to my classes or 20 or 30 years. There was a lady who came to the classes, then went away for 30 years, and to her surprise I was still teaching yoga and as sprightly as ever.

‘I was delighted to find that in 2011, the nimble Mrs Dennison is STILL taking the yoga class on Thursday mornings from August to March – which must be a great advertisment for its benefits!’ Morna Thomson

I had a slipped disk, I cured it with stick pose: I lay on the floor with my hands above my head. I’m sure yoga keep you young, Id be in a wheel chair if it weren’t for yoga. If you don’t use it you loose it.

You should do yoga for the good of your health, mentally and physically. Yoga is good for you in every way – if used sensibly.