Some newer ones…


Mind Cloud

Spacious Eternity

I’ve added a range of drawings as I found myself very indecisive. Some of the drawings might make sense, and some of them not at all.

I’m honoured that you think you’d like some for Soma…. but to be fair I’m really not sure any of these are right as you need something non-denominational, not too airy fairy and yet sensitive, universal and yet personal, uplifting but not zany, true but not too emotional, grounded but not ground down etc. etc.  Anyway you can see what you think.

My Apology

Cherry Blossom Wave

Veil of Tears

The Pool, The Fool

Tears Of Sunlight

Let The Sun Shine Through

Invisible Bluebirds

Tears Fall




Dragon Tears

Trauma Passed Down

Dancing Trauma

Ruffled Feathers: I think this one is too sweet?

Oh Dear! ….not for Soma but thought it might make you smile

  • Images all low res so they display quickly.
  • The nudity symbolises the feeling of vulnerability/ feeling transparent, and also because I like drawing the human form – perhaps not so appropriate for Soma?

If you want to talk through options just let me know, I’d be happy to chat and would love to know what you think. It’s also Ok if there’s nothing there that feels right.