Yoga anywhere

Screen shot 2017-04-09 at 21.48.28Yoga is great; it’s free, healthy, makes you feel good.. and even better you can do it anywhere. Literally. Having a mat is great, but once you know your body and how to keep safe you can go mat free if necessary. I have done yoga in some diverse locations from a toilet cubicle to a deserted golden beach in the south of France with great big waves rolling in.

The interesting thing about doing yoga outdoors is the connection with nature. Smells become stronger, like the scent of fresh grass as you stand in early morning dew. You see tiny worlds in the earth as you dive down from down dog to up dog. The sounds of the wind in the leaves makes tree pose extra special. One of my favourite things is doing yoga on sand. Your feet move, your balance is continually changing to meet the movement of the sand so you get a lot more conscious. It adds a playfulness as you navigate lifting a foot and avoiding the spray of sand it brings. Sometimes I do it at the waters edge so that ripples of water come in and out, tickling my toes and challenging my balance even more.

The pictures are of my family and I in Elie, practicing on the sand in the early morning sun. The air was fresh and it was lovely to share yoga on the beach. The kids joined in, wandered off to explore and then came back for the more energetic poses! There’s nothing like the weight of a small child to help strengthen the legs.

I hope this has given you ideas and inspiration to find that somewhere special for you to connect with your body, nature and our lovely fresh air. So here’s to breathing clear air, with feet on the ground and heart radiating like the sun,