2.1 Reading bar graph song  difficult


2.2 Creating bar graph


2.3 Reading line graph axis different ones axis


2.4 Creating line graph detailed


2.5 Data Collection easy


2.6 Venn Diagrams no words lovely music


2.7 Pie Charts music only


2.8 Consolidation of Data Handing song great chocolate bar graph difficult?


2.9 top marks games

Christas Quiz




2.1 What is a saint saint George (killing dragons) saint Nicholas saint francis – nice


2.2 Modern day Christians lifestyle bbc church

2.3 Jewish food and why Passover cooking quite nice video nyc, very adult, busy str

2.4 Islamic foods and why bbc ks1 kids how to eat for muslim kids  women cook talk 5 countries nadia recipe baked beans islam crying camel

2.5 Memebership rules for families, club and firneds family rules story with no rules song about about safe online

2.6 Christmas stories round the world Christmas traditions \

2.7 Jesus born why bbc teach

Watch : The Star Film (bought)
 Sikh milk and flower siddharta and the swan