Rob Barnes teaches in the Plymouth area. His style is soft, strong and works deeply from the inside. He has been teaching since XXXX and is inspired by Scaravelli practice. The classes include a balanced range of movements that help increase health, refine alignment and help find a new space to inhabit.

Rob is trained with the Inner Yoga Trust and is a trained Shiatsu practitioner. He is available for 1-1  shi-yoga sessions, which blend of yoga and shiatsu.

For Rob’s classes see details below.

To book

Call Rob on: 5386034760670

Email:   sfjdfsgfgfdsfdgsi


Mondays 6.15-7.15pm XXXXXXX Venue

Saturdays 11 – 12noon, XXXXXX Venue

Term Times

skdfbksjdb – sdgbksdbv


sgkjbds per class

hjfgsjdhbf per 4 consecutive weeks

1 hour of 1-1 XXXX

for concessions please call