T1 Optimism

Class dojo optimism 1 fact or fiction

Class dojo optimism 2 negative thoughts

Class dojo optimism 3 choosing a better story

T1 Moods & Attitudes

Class dojo moods & attitudes 1 controlling attitude

Class dojo moods & attitudes 2 a bad storm

Class dojo moods & attitudes 3 control yourself

T1 Respect

Class dojo respect 1 class star

Class dojo respect 2 imortant things

Class dojo respect 3 golden rule

T1 Empathy

Class dojo empathy 1directing

Class dojo empathy 2 the maze of empathy

Class dojo empathy 3 escaping the maze

T2 Sleep

Video one- why sleep, Video 2 tips

5 reasons to for older kids sleep

T2 Worries

EY worries

Dealing with anxiety Inside my head 14m

BBC ariana grandy

Mental health intro video 2

T2 Mental health

Panick attacks

OCD and depression

Living with OCD video 4


T2 How we see ourselves

How we look at ourselves ‘watch me’

Pressures of social media Grace Barrett

T3 Bullying

What is bullying

Being bullied

I was bullied olympain cyclist

Antibullying week: the zoo

T3 Why do bullies bully

The story of a bully

Being a bully

Happy playground ideas

From bully to best friend

T3 Growth mindset 1

Class dojo 1 secrets about the brain

Class dojo big challenges 1 high dive

Dr Naglers laborartory

T3 Growth mindset 2

Class dojo 2 adapting to become more growth mindset

Class dojo big challenges 2 tiny steps

A good mistake

T4 Growth mindset 3

Class dojo 3 the power of yet

Class dojo big challenges 3 staircase strategy

How to build reslience

T4 Growth mindset 4

Class dojo 4 neurons

Sesame streeet do growth mindset

Approaching challenges

T4 Growth mindset 5

Class dojo 5 putting it all together

Developing a growth mindset

Growing a positive mindset

T4 Growth mindset 6

35m lesson


Indoor 1

Bollywood 1(3m)

Song Taking care of our world

Song Believe

Indoor 2

Bollywood 2(3m)

Song Friends and family

Look after yourself

Indoor 3

Bollywood 3(3m)

Song Coping with feelings

Changes in life

Indoor 4

BBC Dance patterns

Song Happy and safe

Rights and repsect

Indoor 5

Song Fit and well    

Song Right and wrong


Indoor 6


Giving something back

Team work


BBC Attack and defend

BBC Obstacles

BBC Track and field

BBC Throw and catch

Whats my job to do with…..


Why we exercise

Staying safe


Dealing with anger