paying queries

paying online

Paying for classes online is ideal as it cuts down my paperwork during class and confirms your place immediately.This is done via paypal. It’s fast, secure and easy and you don’t need an account, you can put in your card details. You can use the links on the right.


To confirm you want to keep your place for the next term please bring £10 deposit before the end of term. Please bring the remainder on the first week of term. You can also use link below:

 my paypal account

paying for a less than a term?

Sometimes a taking half a term of classes is possible, or maybe you have joined 2 weeks into term. This is worked out at a slightly higher rate per class. After you have arranged it with me, please send the agreed amount to me using the link below:

 my paypal account

paying by cash

If you are unable to pay online bringing cash to your first class is also fine.



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