inside out yoga

Loch Leven’s Larder: Greenhouse Cafe

Come to honour and enjoy the changing seasons. Each session will be focused around a solstices or equinox. We will explore yoga through an energetic focus. This will involve looking at yogic wisdom on how to meet the seasons and using life focusing techniques to find our place within them.

When we relax our bodies we can come back to our better selves. With our muscles relaxed and our bodies energised our minds become clearer. In this morning workshop we will follow gently energising yoga with simple life focusing exercises. This will be fuelled by delicious and healthy refreshments from The Larder. We will work on our outside with yoga and our inside with focus,  views and live enhancing refreshments.

Health increasing snack will be based on yogic wisdom to nurture the body in the particular phase of the year.

Brave Yoga – bring your waterproofs  / ski trousers for appropriate and wild out door yoga. This will be ¼ – ½ hour depending on conditions.

Come alone or with friends to enjoy inside-outside yoga

Email for tickets.

Why not allow yourself time to unwind and enjoy the day with a meditative walk to the loch and lunch at the larder to follow?


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