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Huelgoat, France, 2015. There are many massive rocks and tumbling waterfalls, some of them quite precipitous. I have chosen a very peaceful rock and am doing fish pose. It fits with the rock and echos the pond below. Nature is a great inspiration and can make even more sense of a pose.


spot the difference

I have a regular feature in Om magazine called ‘Spot the Difference. Om magazine is an international yoga magazine designed to inspire and energise, it draws on the physical and mental disciplines of yoga. ‘Spot the difference’ gives readers a chance to really look at yoga poses, and see the differences for themselves. Readers can make their yoga more rewarding as well as enjoying a lighthearted entertainment. Enriching and nuturing your yoga practise.

4 generations doing yoga

Om Magazine covered the 4 generations of women in my family doing yoga in 2012. This includes my grandmother, mother and daughter. This was initially featured in The Sunday Post in 2009, and rerun in The Dunfermline Press.

pregnancy yoga

in The Courier 2010

moonwalk yoga event


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Spot the difference: Dog Pose

Pregnancy yoga: standing

Pregnancy yoga: from the floor

Pregnancy yoga: seated

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