Immunity Yoga Workshops

Our immune systems are going to be challenged with Covid 19 and changes in lifestyle.

It is vital to be prepared and to be as strong as possible to meet these challenges with resilience, peace and love. 

How will we do it?

  • Yoga poses
  • Breathing practices 
  • Energy work
  • The senses
  • Focusing work
  • Cleansing practices


Our physical body houses our thoughts, feelings and experiences of life. What we do with our bodies matters. We can do yoga to beat ourselves up or we can do yoga to heal.

In this workshop we will look at the healing aspects of yoga. We will do poses are specifically designed to increase your immune functioning.  We will also do poses you will have done before in a way that helps the body to strengthen from within.  


Our breathing really is our life. We need every breath in and every breath out. It both gives us oxygen and gets rid of waste. how we breathe affects how we feel physically and emotionally. 

In the workshops we will learn about our breathing. We will elarn to extend the out breath gently as well as using specific practices to strengthen the lungs.

Energy work

We will use techniques to quieten and heal the energy field. Grounding and protecting your energy from becoming diffuse is important. We may  also work towards expanding the energy field.

The senses

We will work with each of the five senses to stimulate relaxation and wellbeing: taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight.



We will devote some time to meditation as well as using specific techniques to set goals and make actionable plans. 

Cleansing practices

Yoga has many cleansing and purifying techniques. We may be able to learn about and try some of these techniques time allowing.