Living lightly, being gentle on the environment and staying healthy are very important to me. For me it is a part of yoga – finding things that feel great and are healthy as well.

I found a super website ‘EWG Skin Deep‘ in my search for natural products. This website¬†guides you through the maze of toxicity and healthful products. You put your product into the search bar and it will tell you how it fairs from 0 -10, with 10 being pretty offensive and 1 being clean as a bean! Below you can see that Pampers baby soap rates a 5 with limited data, whilst Dr Bronners magic soaps rate 1 with fair data.

You can also click on the item and find out the ingredients which give the product its rating.

I find this fascinating and reassuring as sometimes a green/eco/baby label can make you think a product is going to be gentle: sometimes it is sometimes its not. Also not all the low toxicity products are high price. I just love being an informed buyer!