yoga for birth

Many women approach birth with anxiety and fear. These Birth Workshops give you effective tools to cope with the intensity of labour, and to transform your birth experience into an empowering, even enjoyable experience.

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exploring the ways to make your birth experience easier

These workshops are  a day for you and your birth partner. Birth partners are best able to help when they have an understanding of giving birth. This practical workshop helps both of you know what to expect, what you can do to help, and what to avoid… for your birth, your relationship, and your baby.

It is ideal to do a birth preparation class between 1 and 2 months before your estimated due date. The workshops are designed to compliment your antenatal hospital or other antenatal classes

topics we can cover

  • Understand how your baby is born
  • How helping birth hormones can make your labour easier
  • Get your baby into the best position for an uncomplicated birth
  • Find out how to know when is too early to go to hospital, and when it’s too late
  • How to speed labour up/slow it down: helping your labour find a good rhythm
  • Choose if, and how, to write a birth plan to get the support you need
  • Practise special pain relieving massage for labour
  • Find which positions suit you, your partner… and work with gravity
  • Learn how to breath for a better birth
  • Explore the benefits of waterbirth
  • What to expect and tips for when your baby has arrived

complimentary couples birth handbook

At the workshop you will recieve a thorough handbook with vital information you will need for birthing your baby. It includes information on optimal fetal positioning, when to go to hospital, speeding labour up, slowing labour down, massage techniques, positions for labour, using a birth ball and babytime.


Susannah has completed the ‘Couples Birth Preparation’ Module with YogaBirth, as well as the YogaBirth teacher training. This gives her an indeptth understanding of pregnancy and birth. She has been teaching these courses since 2009.

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