pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga is the ideal way to bring the body into harmony with the changes and demands of pregnancy. Yoga maintains and improves health, it allows us to trust our intuition, and ability to listen to the body. This is vital for labour to progress naturally and brings calm. This class offers time for you to enjoy the transformation, and time to be with your unborn baby. Yogabirth, yoga for pregnancy, classes offer healthy exercise and preparation for labour and birth.

In class there is always a range of physical abilities, backgrounds/working life and stages of pregnancy. However they all have one thing in common: wanting to do their best for their pregnancy and unborn baby. Women time and again get great peace of mind, comfort and joy from doing yoga with other pregnant women.

These antenatal classes are currently running in Inverkeithing and Dunfermline, Fife.

these classes can help

  • Improve general physical wellbeing and posture
  • Position the baby well for labour
  • Alleviate associated discomforts such as:
  • heartburn, achy back, restricted breathing,
  • sleep disturbance, anxiety

each class includes

  • Balanced range of appropriate yoga poses for pregnancy
  • Positions that are useful in labour
  • Self massage
  • Breathwork, to help with labour and birth
  • Relaxation
  • Refreshments at the end
  • May include pairwork & labour management techniques


Susannah has written and illustrated ‘Yoga and Breathing for Pregnancy and Birth‘. With 120 pages and over 250 individual illustrations and photos it is a fantastic visual guide to practising at home.

Susannah has completed over 2 years of specialised training with YogaBirth in yoga for pregnancy and birth, and antenatal education. Yoga for pregnancy offers safe yoga, some breathing and relaxation. YogaBirth classes also offer a deeper understanding of pregnancy, complications, ways to alleviate discomforts, preparation for birth and breathing for labour and birth.

 when to join the class

It is ideal to start classes once you have reached the second trimester (12 weeks), you can start anytime after this. The classes are designed to be suitable right up until 42 weeks or the birth of your baby.

paid time off work for prenatal yoga classes

Women in full time employment are entitled to paid time off work to attend yoga classes, which are covered by the category ‘antenatal appointments and relaxation and parent craft classes’. We encourage students to exercise their right to this time off work.  For further details of the legal obligation of employers to pregnant workers click here for further details

getting to know each other: facebook closed group

When you join the class you will have the option of joining the pregnancy yoga closed group. This group is only for those who are attending or have attended pregnancy yoga with me. This will allow you to get in contact with others in the class to meet up. Its especially helpful after you’ve had your babies.



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