baby yoga

Baby yoga offers gentle physical stimulation for your baby. It includes flowing postures, holding, movement and touch. It induces a joyful, relaxed and lively  interaction between you and your baby. Classes are currently running in Inverkeithing, Fife.

postnatal yoga for you

In class you will do all round yoga to stretch and release tension. You will also do specific yoga for your abdominals and pelvic floor, to bring your body safely back together after pregnancy. Often women caring for small babies carry upper back and shoulder tension so we will also focus on these areas. Yoga end with a short relaxation and then time to chat.

yoga for your baby

physical     In each class your baby will be offered a range of movements, and as much activity as if they were carried and handled all day
The activity will help your baby sleep more deeply and become more settled.

physiological / developmental     All of your baby’s bodily systems, including digestive and nervous system will be stimulated

psychological      Baby yoga helps you  and your baby enjoy the start of a conversation that will last a lifetime. It deepens and enhances communication between you. The classes help your baby cope with a difficult birth, the experience of being a baby a well as preparing them for a more independent future. From your baby’s point of view the  positive trusting environment of the class set them up well for dealing with furtue challenges and interacting with others.

the value of touch

The experience of movement combined with touch is probably the richest stimulation you can offer your baby. In yoga, this stimulation occurs through the mutual involvement of parent and baby, at a pace at which the baby can absorb and integrate it. As yoga postures induce deep relaxation in adults, so in babies they bring a state of deep contentment and promote deep sleep.

In the increasingly fast pace of the modern world, our babies need all the help we can give them in order to create a foundation of well-being that will serve them all of their life. Yoga offers babies a resource that will enable them to deal positively with stress and know how to relax. Our handling of babies is a loving one, in which the conversion of a challenging movement into a safe game, to play and enjoy, is repeated again and again. This playful stimulation through yoga-based exercise is the best possible way of helping babies relish life, with all its demands, as they grow.

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