yoga for children

Classes involve yoga movements aimed at physical health, emotional expression, and of course fun. Classes are child centered in terms of activity level and focus. Yoga is great for a healthy Body and healthy mind.

yoga for schools

Yoga for school aged children can be quite energetic as young bodies become stronger and more precise.Yoga can be used to target challenge areas such as bullying, to address parts of the ‘curriculum for excellence’ for instance ‘confident individuals,’ and to support classroom projects like dinosaurs and Egyptians. Classes will include a short relaxation which may involve a creative visualisation. The below photos are from a whole school event where I taught yoga to every child in the school and nursery for wellbeing week. Needless to say it was an energetic, exciting and relaxing day! Please contact me if you would like your school to do yoga.

Yoga is ideal for helping

  • encourage confidence and calm
  • develop co-ordination
  • build strength and flexibility
  • explore fun and creativity


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yoga for nurseries

Yoga for nurseries helps children to feel confident in their bodies, in their ablity to express themselves and to know how to calm themselves. With a song, a story or a poem, each class blends activity with some quiet time. We have a different focus each week, be it cats, cooking or Christmas.