Make Circles

Here’s a lovely article on the circles of  connection in life by James Altucher. In yoga how we are is the first place to start, and then we can start radiating outwards. When we can radiatie a peaceful alertness our interactions can subtly helping make the world a better place.

 Here’s an excerpt, for the full article please see the link below.

‘Draw a little circle. Put what you do in that circle. If you’re a secretary, put “secretary”. If you’re an artist, put “artist”. If you are a mother put “mother”. Put the thing that is central to your life’, or what you would like to be central to your life.

‘Draw a circle around that. Draw lines dividing up the second circle into compartments. Like apartments in a space station. Write down the names of the people who are affected by your first circle. Maybe you help them do better jobs. Maybe you’re a doctor and they are your patients. Maybe you are a secretary and they are your colleagues, your bosses, your family that you provide for, your relatives that listen to you, your friends that rely on you.

Circle 3: The people that are affected by the people you affect.

For instance, the children of your friends. The friends of your children. The people related to your employees. Or your employers.

Circle 4: What your center circle can turn into.

A blog can turn into a book, or a show, or a consulting service, or a novel, or who knows? Keep thinking of it. What does your center circle evolve into if you stick with it over time.

Circle 6: The people you would like to affect.

Oprah might be in this circle. I’d like to affect her. Or a movie producer. Or a book publisher. Put them there. Why not? We’re just drawng. We’re just playing? It’s not impossible. For instance, Oprah can read my blog. Maybe she has already. It’s possible.

Circle 7: This circle has everyone in the world in it.

Because of Oprah or Barack or a book publisher or if all the venture capitalists in the world are strongly affected by your work then eventually the entire world, in some small way, the indent in a paragraph in the tale of our history, will be changed.

….. start connecting the inner circles with the outer circles in deeper and deeper ways. Eventually the lines between the circles go away. It’s one big circle.

For the full article see Make Circles by James Altucher

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