general yoga

Yoga works with the whole body, the whole person. Both the emotions and the physical body are brought into better balance. Through better balance life can become easier, more effortless and lighter. We can learn to move with the flow of life and let go of the unnecessary. Mixed yoga classes are currently running in Dunfermline and Inverkeithing, Fife.

yoga can help

  • Release tension and aid sleep
  • Stimulate inner organs and immune system
  • Bring balance and alignment to the body
  • Help the body and mind work more efficiently


each class includes

  • Full range of movements
  • Some dynamic poses for flow and ability to change
  • Some static poses for strength and grounding
  • Focus on the breath
  • Relaxation

how it works

The classes offer ‘hatha yoga’, which means physical movements and poses called asanas, breath awareness and relaxation. During Inner Yoga classes we also work with the whole body and look for grounding and lightness before we focus on aligment of the body. We also involve elements of body reading and deep myofascial release. Both classes are for mixed abilities, and poses will be modified to your needs.

yoga on youtube

I have a regular featured in OM magazine called ‘Spot the Difference’. Here is a link to a youtube video Ive made that is based on it. It will help you understand the alignment we’re looking for whilst practising yoga. Can spot the difference between the poses?


Susannah has completed a 2 year specialised training with The Inner Yoga Trust. This is recognised by The British Wheel, who she has also trained with. Her special interest is restoring wellbeing to the body through fascial release.

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