postnatal & baby yoga

Thank you for supporting my mummy and I since I was in her womb. Yoga was my favourite time. Your voice and smile always relaxed me

I enjoyed having a class which benefited both me and ‘A’. I really liked that we could do something together. Bringing my body back together and strengthening it was important. It was a great way to meet other new mums so there was a social aspect too. The exercise and social elements were great and helped me feel like I was coping with having a young baby. After class Id feel rejuvenated. I think there was a really good balance between yoga for mum and for baby. It was good how you worked with what the babies were doing so we would be active with them if they needed attention or more yoga for mum if they were content. She always seemed quite happy. I usually got smiles and noises from her when we did the massage bits. The massage still works to calm her down now.

I loved your classes.  It was precious time, without distraction , for ‘J’ and I.  It was time to focus on my baby and just enjoy being with him while easing back into exercise at the same time.  I was only sorry I hadn’t found your classes earlier for my older children! The classes were a way to reclaim my body, and begin exercise which was totally appropriate for my needs. You manage to create a very serene environment and I couldn’t help but to leave class taking that feeling of serenity with me!  ‘J’ also seemed to enjoy class and he would always have a good long sleep afterwards. The most important aspect for me was feeling that I was reclaiming my body after pregnancy. To leave class feeling relaxed and refocused on my baby and me. And the cake was always fab too!

After the class I always feel rebalanced and relaxed. I did enjoy everything – stretching out, body strengthening, breathing awareness. I think my baby liked coming to the class, because she felt happy most of the time as I was happy, because of doing yoga. My baby also felt relaxed after the class and it was easier to put her to sleep. My baby have been sleeping well every time after the class.

I joined the baby yoga class as a way to make friends and to get us out and about. The physical and mental benefits were very much an afterthought! I was therefore surprised and delighted by how much the yoga helped me to start getting back into shape after pregnancy. It really made me concentrate and focus on my getting my core back together, and within a few weeks I was noticing a difference, just in the way I was standing and in my belly. The most noticeable and long lasting benefit was helping me to tighten and reshape my stretched abdominal muscles.

I also really enjoyed the relaxation sessions at the end of class. It was a nice way to chill out and to just lay with my baby. He fell asleep a few times so he must have enjoyed it too! And the best part was, I made friends. I still see a number of the mums and babies from the class, so I feel it was a mission, well accomplished!

The atmosphere of the class was brilliant – it was a lovely group of mums & babies, but I think that you set the tone.  I never felt uncomfortable – even when ‘M’ was upset or fretful. I wanted to do postnatal and baby yoga as it was an activity with ‘M’, but was also exercise for me. I liked the way your classes brought my awareness to my pelvic floor and abdominals.  Everyone gets the talk from the physio during antenatal classes, but until you have given birth it is hard to imagine how difficult it is to start feeling that connection in your body again.  I also really appreciated having the space to relax that I always get from yoga practice – taking time to breathe and slow down – so important for me as a new mum rushing around. After class I felt relaxed and energized. I think ‘M’ enjoyed the attention, he was never left too long without doing some baby yoga and I was always close by, even when doing yoga postures.  As he got older, he enjoyed the social aspect of the class – seeing the other babies and mums exercising too.  ‘M’ normally had a long nap after class – he was usually a power napper but after yoga would have a good sleep. I know ‘M’ was enjoying the classes because of his massive smile – we still do some baby yoga at home. I can still make him giggle by wiggling my fingers while stretching up!

I found that post natal yoga was great help in exercising my pelvic floor muscles, stretching and strenghtening whole body as well as gave me postural awareness. Susannah gave me some helpful advice on what to do and what to avoid to bring my pelvis back together, as I suffered from SPD during pregnancy. I liked meeting other mums and having chance to actually do something for myself. After class I felt more relaxed, I was breathing deeper and was paying more attention to my posture. I think being relaxed myself was the best way to improve my babies being, they just feel everything. It was easier to do the yoga with the baby than I imagined so I did the excerises at home with my baby too, between classes. ‘Z’ liked coming to this class too, she was laughing as I was exercising above or next to her. We incorporated some of the yoga into our bedtime routine, and she loved it.

I enjoyed most the bonding with my daughter through doing yoga together and the knowledge that the class would be good for her and help my body recover. I also enjoyed seeing my pre-natal yoga mum friend and her daughter.

We’ve really enjoyed the classes and I have you to thank for bringing together such lovely people who I can now call friends.

We have both had a lot of fun in the classes. You seem to always find the perfect way to iron out the physical kinks as well as providing lots of friendly support and advice.

We really enjoyed the yoga and I’ll always remember it very fondly as part of my post-baby bliss! ‘F’ is constantly on the move now so I think we probably stopped at the right time anyway! Thanks so much for the classes,

I really enjoyed the class. The most important element of the class for me was to do more stretching. I really wanted to improve my posture, which definitely suffered as a result of feeding. I enjoyed the mix of activities in Susannah’s class, and how she adapted the class to suit the mood of the babies. I was surprised how well my baby was entertained during the class. I met a really nice crowd of mums at Susannah’s class, and although our kids are now too big for baby yoga we all still meet up every Wednesday.

The most important aspect for me was targeting abdominals and pelvic floor, time out of the house, doing yoga together, meeting other mums. After class I felt lovely & chilled. I enjoyed the way babies could be incorporated into the postures. Susannah is so kind & good with babies. ‘M’ was calm and curious.

Here’s to lots of chilled out yoga babes

When we listen to our infants with our hearts, we discover what it is we want to know
Vimala McClure