3 Questions to Ask Before You Die

image by freeimageslive.co.uk – BrianNorcross

Did I live? 
Did I love? 
Did I matter? 

Would you be able to give a resounding YES! to each of them?
Most of us can give a ‘yeah Im doing alright’ sort of answer, but maybe its time to expect more. Maybe its time to take the next step into really living. Ask yourself the following questions and give yourself the playful opportunity to experience more:
Did I live? Did I live each moment fully, even the sad, bad and and the terrible? Did I experience them fully without being overwhelmed? Or did I pretend it wasn’t happening?
Did I love? Did I open my heart to those around me? Did I share what is in my heart? Did I appreciate, nurture and celebrate?
Did I matter? Did I do the small stuff, the loving stuff, the helpful stuff, that helps another?
It is easy to try too hard, or not even get started. This time be really kind to yourself and just make tiny steps in the right direction. If you can make tiny steps in te right direction, more days than you dont, then you’re making the world a better place for you and everyone around you.
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